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private clients

Timo N. (Engineer / Developer)

"With the coaching, Simone helped me to work out my wishes and set my focus anew. With her structured approach, she worked out the hidden elements from my statements and led me to my unconscious goals. Through her expressive and visual processing of my goals, I was able to I make a plan for my next course of action and also learned how to check my progress in the future.

Dipl. Psych. Luisa Carla Hartmann

"I am extremely impressed and incredibly grateful for the clarity, intuition and competence with which Simone Richter approaches the core of the problem in just one coaching session and translates it into extremely creative, pragmatic, realistic solutions. THANKS! (But be careful: expansion & growth guaranteed!)"


Simona Kiel, systemic consultant and process consultant

"The coaching process with Ms. Richter enabled me to turn procrastinating again, to integrate supposed contradictions and to recognize my trust alongside my fears. The agreed small steps / homework promptly triggered a small avalanche at much larger steps - I'm back in the river. Thank you for that and gladly again! "

Christian Landrock, project engineer


"Without having a tangible idea of ​​what to expect from coaching with you, I am still amazed at how much two "short" sessions with you could shape me. The intuitive approach to coaching, as well as the motivation that you can convey to someone during the interview, set me up very strongly for the tasks ahead. Thank you so much for that! "


Karin Zessner, Management Assistant & Chairman of the Board A.I.M. 

"I am always surprised at how animating and motivating a conversation with you is and how it leads to new ideas. Thank you very much!"

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