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Corporate Clients

Dr. Christoph Wetzel, Board Member, Talanx AG:

Simone supported HDI-Kundenservice AG with implementing agility. Since some time Simone has been supporting a devision manager in our Corporation. I booked her for a workshop for my team of managers to implement working with a KanBan Board. Simone conducts workshops with a lot of personal commitment and the ability to tackle resistances in a very positive atmosphere. This appeals to the staff and motivates to try out new methods or tools. She has a wide expertise and can always come up with suitable examples. ."

Susanne Bluhm, PA Board Member Allianz SE

We - an international group of C-level assistances - booked Simone for a one-day workshop to learn about Scrum and agility. The day working with Simone was an eye opener for this new way of working. In her workshop she facilitated an intense exchange about new working methods and styles. This enabled better co-working and also a better understanding of everyone in the group. Simone’s ability to talk to everyone on eyes’s hight and to respond to individual needs, her empathy and also the fun she seems to have while facilitating workshops make her an excellent coach and valuable adviser.

Oliver Simon, Leading Manager Architecture | Talanx Systeme


Dear Mrs. Richter,


the appointment with the Talanx Board yesterday was also due to your great support a full success. The prepared charts were an excellent preparation to discuss the questions of the Board. 


I would like to thank you again for the nice experience of working together with you. It was a lot of fun and we had great success together. We already discussed in the group of involved managers to hire you for further workshops. I will come back to you about this.


Best regards,

Oliver Simon

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