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Why you might be looking for coaching:

  • You want to have a good look at your momentary situation.

  • You want to find out what your future goals are.

  • You want to grow into a new (job?) position.

  • You want to figure out the next steps towards your goal.

  • You want to negotiate your salary / raise your wages as a freelancer.

  • You dream of a different kind of job.

  • You want to unleash your creativity.

  • You want to become more confident in your business or private life.

  • You want to work on your resilience or self-love.

  • You want a sparring partner for discussing so-called "crazy ideas" and bringing them into life.

(Please ask in case you are not sure whether I can support you:  0046-793404924)


What you can expect in a coaching with me:

A coaching session with me is all about you. It can be a one-time event or a series of sessions. Your choice. I believe that you know what you need and when you need it.

In my sessions, I can give you some initial inspiration, ask some unusual questions - which might change your perspective - and I can accompany you on your way towards your new goal. Anytime, I'll support you with all my experience and tools. 

You can be sure to have my full attention and I am excited to accelerate your change, foster your career and wellbeing as well as focus on whatever is most important for you right now.

The sessions are absolutely confidential from my side. Whether we meet in a room, for a walk, or online. Of course, you can share your ideas, thoughts, inspirations with whom you like.


If you want to reach out we can make an appointment for a first call free of charge where we get to know each other (max. 20 min.) In this case, send me a message:

When I am looking for a service, I usually want to know upfront what this will cost me.

So, here are my prices for private clients.

  60 min. 1.250 SEK / 120 € + tax

120 min.  2.000 SEK / 200 € + tax

It is possible to pay in instalments.

Once a month I offer free coaching for someone who cannot afford my service.

Right now I work in English and German. I hope to offer coaching in Swedish from 2021 on.

And now, if all this sounds good to you, I am looking forward to hear or read from you. 

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