What should stay the same
in your life? 

Sometimes this is the first questions I ask my clients: What should stay the same in your life? 

I think it is important to look at what is already good in your life.

The second look we take is on what could be improved.

My clients come with a broad variety of topics, like the wish to change something at work, to get a better salary or a better relationship with colleagues. Sometimes its about the idea to change their job, sometimes they want to discuss the idea of becoming self-employed. Sometimes they come without any specific idea, they just feel, they are about to enter a change and want to give themselves the treat of a coaching.

What I can offer in a coaching:

I will be there for you and all open ears. I ask questions. Probably many questions. Maybe questions which you did not ask yourself, yet. These questions lead to finding and constructing your ideas and visions for your future. Together we think about first steps which could lead you towards your goal. During our coaching session you can think as big or small and as miraculous or realistic as you wish. Of course, all what is said during the session is confidential. This is also the case, if your company pays for the coaching.

I do coachings with private people as well as companies and teams. 

In case you are interested to get to know me and my work as a coach, send me an email ( to set up a telephone call (free of charge).

Every month there is the chance for one client who otherwise cannot afford it to get a coaching session free of charge.